Some of the Common Errors People Make While Installing Vantage Point Using the VISTA OS.

1) UAC is not ON
2) Multiple installations .. installed VP as the Administrator and also as a User.
3) Uninstall procedure not complete.
  a) Make sure that you uninstall as the Administrator and check for double install.
  b) Make sure that you COMPLETELY deleted the folder under Magellan/    Delete the VantagePoint Folder and all subfolders.
  c) Did you use regedit.exe to completely clean up the registers. Do the search for literal string "VantagePoint" and delete all register entries.
4) RESUME is set to ON and you are not completing a Hard Reboot when turning off the computer.
5) You not have an Intel MPU in the computer?  Not to worry this problem will be taken care of when you upgrade to VP 1.52.
6) You have VISTA 64 and the device drivers are not installing.
7) You are installing with National Geographic running or an anti-virus program or firewall or some other program that is interfering with the install.

OK .. For a test .. after doing 1 to 3 inclusive, go to my site and download Vantage Point Version 1.41 .. that is the older version and install and get this to work.

Then upgrade to 1.52 .. it will sense the microprocessor and do a correct update according to microprocessor.



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