Listed below is a simple summary of how to install old firmware for your Triton GPS.

Run this sequence with Vantage Point NOT running, and with the unit connectivity set at "Connect to PC"

1 - Find firmware folder. These are previously downloaded files, and should be located at:

C: Documents and Settings\***\Local Settings\Temp\MVP_Downloads

*** = User or administrator folder for VISTA it is c:\Users\name of user\AppData\Temp\Local Settings\MVP_Downloads

2 - Check "MVP_Downloads" folder for desired firmare to install.

example folder name: 0140_01_31_00_0130_Triton400

- the first 4 digits "0140" represent the first 4 digits of the unit's Serial Number
- the next 4 digits "01_31" represent the firmware version. In this case "01_31" = v 1.31

3 - Open firmware folder and run .exe file.

- for T1500 and T2000, file name is: mgnFWGUI.exe
- for T400 (and possibly all others), file name is: mgnFWUPD.exe

4 - Follow the computer prompts (agree to software license terms, etc.)

That is all it takes.