How to Make Google Terrain Maps

1. Go to google map (not google earth) area that you want and set in terrian mode.
2. Zoom in as far as you can.
3. Use the print screen function on your PC.
4. Open a program like IrfanView (which is free and you can get it from
5. Paste the image and save it as a jpg or gif file to a folder.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have covered the entire area you want. Make sure that each image overlaps a little bit.
7. After all images are gathered open windows live photo editor or VISTA panoramic and join the images.
8. After this is created than you can crop this image.
10. Upload this image to RMP maker and assign coordinates and save your creation as an .rmp file
11. Directly load the .rmp image to your SD card under the MAP_DATA folder.