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Since the Communicator is not very compatible with the Triton, there is a mod for the software available. This one will correct the wrong waypoint-flags for the Triton. The link is here:

http://magellanboard.alpentourer-alpenp ... php?t=3797

The short how2 is:
- Download
- rename the TritonComm.dll in the Communicator-Folder to TritonCommMgn.dll
- copy the downloaded TritonComm.dll to that Folder
- enjoy the now functionating Communicator - feature for the Triton.

Thanks to Pico2220 for this great peace of software.

Now you have different icons on your Triton for Parking site, QTA, SOAM...
The development seems to continue.

Long Version Instructions for Installing

This is experimental software. There is no warranty for error free behaviour.  There is also no warranty for not doing any harm to your personal computer or your gps-device. Your are using this software at your own risk!

This little patch enhances the functions of the magallan library "TritonComm.dll".
The library is used, by hitting the Button "SendToGPS" during sessions on

The following extentions are made:
- Waypoints get the symbol "Crossed Square".
- Umlaute will be converted in a Triton-compatible way.
- Description is cleaned from HTML.
- Shortdescription is supplemented by container size.

Further changes in version 0.4:
- Only the following cache typs were transfered:
Earthcache, Multi-cache, Traditional Cache, Unknown Cache, Event Cache, Letterbox Hybrid,
Virtual Cache, Mega-Event Cache.
All the other types will be transfered as "Unknown Cache"
- Names of waypoints are extended by the name of the corresponding cache.
- Waypoints will be displayed as following symbols:
Parking Area => Truck Service
Trailhead => Nav Aid
Reference Point => Box
Stages of a Multicache => Golf
Question to Answer => Tourist Info
every other type => Crossed Square

"Magellan Communicator" must be installed.


Step 1:
Close your browser to prevent "TritonComm.dll" from being in use.

Step 2:
Find the folder where "Magellan Communicator" is installed to.
C:\Program Files\Magellan\Magellan Communicator

Step 3:
Rename the existing file TritonComm.DLL to TritonCommMgn.dll.
Regard the exact spelling as shown above.
If you missspelled just one letter, Magellan Communicator will do nothing anymore!

Step 4:
Copy file TritonComm.dll from the archive into folder found in Step 2.