Jungle Ghost Note: Storing Continuous Tracks on Your SD Card.

Create for this information goes to "Sockeye" who is a member of the Triton Forum (http://www.tritonforum.com/).

Since there is no official way to store your tracks on SD card.  You can unofficially save all tracks in one file on SD card in raw format. Insert a big SD card in your unit, and go to the Compass Screen. Hit the Keys --++-+ and you will store all position data continuously on SD.

Here is Sockeye's instructions for gathering and retrieving the data:

If you activate the secret menu on the compass screen with --++-+, you can choose the "PVT-logging". This makes the Triton to write every second a new entry in raw data file (LDPOutput_RC-SD.bin) on the SD card. This binary file will grow fast.

Sockeye_German_Compass_Screen Sockeye_German_Compass_2

Translation of Hidden Menu -- Top to Bottom:
Start Record PVT, Stop Record PVT, Compass Factory Calibration, Sensor Statistics, Satellite Info
Press the zoom (-) to see the data.

In order to visualize the data you need software which can read the PVT format. (e.g. waypointer. You can export the data to GPX, KML, trk etc.  You can download the Waypointer for Free by visiting http://www.codepointer.de/waypointer/english.html
The Waypointer can speak any language you want simply open up the file constants.ini and pick your language

Waypoint_Program.jpg (48120 bytes)

With this functionality you can store tracks of thousands of miles and millions of points. But be sure to turn it off again. The files get huge and the processing time of the software will increase.

One entry takes about 615 byte, this means your logging data needs about 2.2 MB/hour

Jungle Ghost Notes:

1) This method has been successfully tested on Magellan Triton 500/1500 and 2000's.
2) Waypoint works on Windows 98SE, XP, 2K, and VISTA 32.

Some MoreTips From Sockeye:

1) the logging will stop as soon as you shut down your unit. It will not restart automatically
2) the hidden menu only will show up, when you have satellite contact. (on my GPS anyway)
JG Note: This did not occur the GPS's we tested .. it showed up immediately.
3) The data logged is really RAW data. With every erroneous position received by the SIRFIII chips. This data must be cleaned. Get used to the Waypointer software

To periodically back-up the log file ("LDPOutput_RC-SD.bin") use the small script attached. Unpack the files in the root of your SD card. This script will now be executed (on T1500 / T2000) automatically on every boot. (T400-500 users need to manually force the boot from SD card with: Light + Up + Power)

What the script does: It checks for the file "LDPOutput_RC-SD.bin", moves it to the folder "\tracks" and renames it to a timestamp value (last modification date of LDPOutput_RC-SD.bin) + .bin

So with every boot you backup the Log file and delete the LDPOutput_RC-SD.bin. Be careful the \tracks folder fills quickly...


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