Triton - Not Connecting to PC .. VISTA and XP solution.

The problem here is that the COM PORT is usually not working and showing a code -10 

1) Hook the GPS to the computer and turn the GPS on.  Do not have VantagePoint running.
2) Go to control panel .. device management .. find the PORT COM NUMBER.  Look carefully under PROPERTIES and you will find that the device software is showing a code -10 error. [Note: VISTA your device manager may report your connections as OTHER: TRITON.]
3) Go to the driver section and UPDATE THE DRIVER.  When you click on update the computer will ask you where the drivers software is located.
4) Choose the drivers from your c:\MagellanDrivers directory.
5) The computer will update your drivers and you will see the PORT COM is now working.
6) Now start VantagePoint and you will see that the GPS receiver is now connected.

Now isn't that a easy solution!!! :---)

NOTE TO MEMBERS: Please be careful here for this solution is geared for a particular problem.

Your problem may be different. This is the solution when you look at the PORT COM in the device manager and find that the COM port is giving you a code -10 ..not working.