This information is created to -Dutch- a member of the

This is a new version of the TritonExport macro along with a small program that will allow you to download your caches directly from GSAK to the Triton GPS. It is a zip file which you can extract.

This program, GSAK macro and modded TritonComm.dll are setup for loading geocaches from GSAK, directly to the Triton GPS. I have run over 500 caches at one time without a problem so far.

The GSAK macro was written by villiam and modified by several members of
For info, see the thread

The TritonComm.dll was done by Pico2220 to make the Magellan Communicator more compatible
with the Triton GPS's.

I wrote the GPXtoTritonCom.exe to act as a go between with GSAK and the Magellan Communicator.

Without the work of these other people, it would have taken me an extreme amount of time to
complete my small part.

Setup Directions:
1. Install or have installed the Magellan Communicator -

2. Install or have installed the Magellan Communicator Mod --
- If you are installing the mod, download and unzip.
- Go to the Magellan Communicator install folder (usually c:\Program files\Magellan\Magellan Communicator)
- Rename the TritonComm.dll in the Communicator-Folder to TritonCommMgn.dll
- Copy the downloaded/unziped TritonComm.dll to the Communicator folder

3. Download and unzip the GPXtoTritonCom.exe program and place it in the same folder as the TritonComm.dll
- Copy the tritonExport.gsk to your GSAK Macro folder or just install it in your usual manner.


The tritonExport macro works the same way as it has.
--Setup your cache filter as what you want to load into the GPS.
--Run the macro and you will see three added fields in the form.
--Select the location of the new GPXtoTritonCom.exe you installed before and check the upload check box.
--The Save after upload check box is an option to save the created gpx file after it is loaded to the Triton. --Click on export and it will build the GPX file and then remind you to turn on the gps.
--Click ok and let it load. On my system it takes aprox 2 min per 100 caches but does vary. It should take aprox the same amount of time loading as it does loading with Vantage Point.

Note: If you have problems with communication between Vantage Point and your gps, this will not help. This program just sits between GSAK and the magellan software, it does not control any of the communication.

If needed the GPXtoTritonCom.exe can be run from the command line or called from another program by adding a GPX file name as a parameter. (GPXtoTritonCom.exe /FileName.gpx)

Thanks to villiam, Pico2220 and the others who help put this all together. You guys at Tritonform have saved me hours of hair pulling with all of the helpful information.