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GOOD NEWS .. we not have the repair software for the 200 300 400 500 1500 and 2000 Triton Handheld GPS units posted on our ExploristForum Website.  Just go to our website and Register for Membership (no charge) at www.exploristforum.com .

Is it WISER to Repair or Replace Your Unit?
The SCARY Answer
By the Jungle Ghost

Many people do not know that we have our own Triton Repair Center (the only one other than Magellan's).   In fact, we do repair work for many of the  Magellan Distributors. 

If you unit is in need of repair, you can choose to either trade the unit with Magellan for a Refurbished unit or repair it.   We have extensive experience and have repaired so many Triton 400, and 500. It is obvious to us that it is far better to have your Factory New unit repaired rather than traded in.

Now let me assure you that we check every function before our repairs ever leave our facilities.  We Enhanced Satellite Reception, processing speed, and accessories like camera, electronic compass calibration, true north calibration, etc. 

What this means to you!!

It is important for you to consider that when you repair your unit you will be keeping the same serial number of your original unit.  Since many Triton maps are serial number sensitive you will not have to be concerned with having to re-purchase or recreate your maps.


FOR REPAIR OF A BROKEN SCREEN LCD PLEASE VISIT THE URL: http://www.jungleghost.com/repair_service_for_display.shtml


The Jungle GhostWelcome to our Special Magellan Triton GPS Repair Center.   My name is Ed a.k.a. Dua Ma Rung  [Mr. Jungle Ghost] and I have been a "Tracker" and "Manhunter" for over 55 years.  I am involved with Law Enforcement and SAR to this present day. 

About My Organization:  Over the past several years my organization has been testing and upgrading the Magellan Triton Navigation GPS Series.  We have been using the knowledge that our company learned from testing the Magellan Triton Series for Search and Rescue Organizations (SAR), State Marine and LE Authorities.  We supply to our users reliable, accurate and dependable GPS equipment.  Our technical advice and support with our testing staff are unequaled in the USA. My organization has gained and earned recognition as experts in for the Magellan Triton GPS Series. 

Because of our extensive experience and our software development expertise we are now offering a repair service for all Magellan 200 300 400 and 500 GPS units.

FOR REPAIR OF A BROKEN SCREEN LCD PLEASE VISIT THE URL: http://www.jungleghost.com/repair_service_for_display.shtml


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