There are two programs on the Triton CD-ROM that came with your unit.

These are the Trial National Geographic Software and Vantage Point.

Unfortunately both are old and must be updated.    So here is the way to rectify your lost CD-ROM.

1) Your Lost CD-ROM has the National Geographic Triton Trial Software Version 4.4.0.

As you know this is the starting software that must be installed before you download the Version 4.4.3 from our website.  Version 4.4.3 has been found to be better than the update from Magellan (Version 4.5.0) because you can export bigger map files.

You can download the Trial Version from

2) The VantagePoint on the CD-ROM is outdated. So just go to our website and download the latest version and do a direct install at and please don't forget to visit our store for Triton GPS products and maps.


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