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 Converting the Results of Collecting Unlimited Breadcrumbs .bin File to an .GPX File

Credit for this program goes to a tritonforum.com members named "mirsev".
[Note: of course you should realize that a KML Path File can be visualized and edited in GoogleEarth.}

On our website is a program for recording unlimited breadcrumbs on your SDHC card. 

How to Continuously Store Tracks to Your SD Card.  This is a message that we retrieved from the Triton Forum Website.  The author is "Sockeye" who is a GPS user in Germany. It is a must read for Triton users.

The problem uncovered is not the collection of the breadcrumbs but the conversion of the .bin files to KML files.

This message address this problem.  The program is written on Java. No installation is required. Just click it and then choose .bin file to convert it to .kml. It will be created in the same directory where .bin file is located.

This program is very minimal but it works much faster than waypointer.

Source will be included in the same .jar file.

You can download the program from http://www.jungleghost.com/Articles/LDP2KML.zip

You can converted the resultant KML file to a shapefile via DRN Garmin without any wayward waypoints.

The program is fast as compared to Waypointer. For example; processing a 10-hour track (about 20MB .bin file, must be about 36000 points) with waypointer stopped responding... LDP2KML converter did it within 6 seconds.

The problem with the .bin files that are created is that they contain numerous points that are virtually off the planet. Strangely, tracks that are recorded to the unit's internal memory contain no erroneous points.  However they are limited to just over 5000 total.

One test of the LDP2KML on was a 1.5 hour .bin track with 4650 points and it converted in about 1 second, far quicker than waypointer.

Output to .gpx would be useful for exchanging files between other brand GPS units, but a workaround can be to use DNR Garmin to convert the .xml file generated by LDP2KML to .gpx. I haven't used .gpx files in Google Earth - I think I'll just stick to .kml format.